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The New Second Hole

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The second hole (above in its current state) has evolved as much as any other since Poppy Hills opened. Below, you can find a diagram of the hole that ran in the 1986 NCGA Golf Blue Book.

No. 2 1986The original hole was an enormous two-tiered green that eventually evolved into two separate greens, divided by a collar of fringe in the middle. The below picture from August of 2008 shows both greens, although the top deck was already being prepared for a renovation.

Old No. 2

The version of No. 2 that most of you are familiar with opened in 2009, which you can see below:

New No. 2

Even though the second hole is the newest on the course, it will offer something a little different when you return to play it next spring.

A new tee box has been cut into the trees to stretch the hole to 219 yards from the backs, making it the second longest par 3 on the course (No. 15 can play 235 from the championship tees). It will play as the longest par 3 for the other four tee boxes at 202 from the blacks, 181 from the blues, 171 from the whites, and 145 from the reds.

Below is the view of the back tee box before it was built:

No. 2 back tee

Added intrigue to the hole will come from how the green is shaped, which you can see below. Note the pockets of green and how you can get to any flag position by playing your shot along the ground. A ball that rests on the front of the green (A) can still get to a flag tucked behind the front-left bunker (B) by using the slope that winds through the middle of the green. Shots that miss to the right can still feed onto the green, matching the flow of the land, which moves from high right to low left.

Poppy #2 Green ComplexAlso note some of the fun hole locations this green can produce. There are 14 hole locations (see below), all with slope that feeds the ball toward them. Even the so-called “Sunday Hole Location” will be accessible if your shot carries the bunker, since the green behind it catches it.

Hole locations


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