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Progress on the Eighth Hole

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One of the reasons the old eighth hole doglegged so severely to the right was to avoid the lower tee box on the old ninth hole. Below are the original tee boxes for the ninth hole. The tee box that was lower in elevation (the top one in the picture) was located to close to where Robert Trent Jones Jr. hoped to place the eighth green.

9th holeSo for the first 25 years of Poppy Hill’s existence, the eighth hole fell away to the right, to a raised and steep three-tiered green. Here is the view from the fairway:

old 8And here is the view of one of the tougher greens on the course:

IMG_3773 copyBut with the ninth hole only playing from the higher tee box now, there is enough room to build the eighth hole Jones Jr. desired.

“I’d particularly like to straighten out some of the doglegs out here,” Jones said. “On No. 8, I never was really happy with where that green ended up. There was a bottom tee box on No. 9 that was too close, so we had to dogleg it.”

Here is what the hole looks like today from the fairway:

IMG_5874 copyTrees were cleared out to the left of the old green to create room for the new green site. The old green has been completely flattened. Here is a view from the side of the new green complex. The old green fit closer to the orange netting and tree line in the background:

IMG_5876 copyWith the green moving to the left, the hole will play much straighter. Here is the view from behind the green:

IMG_5877 copyThe tee box will also swing to the left, closer to the seventh green, to straighten out the hole even more.


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