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The Planning of a Hole

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IMG_5998 copyWe haven’t told you much about the back nine yet because, well, a lot can still change. Yes, there are lots and lots of plans before bulldozers ever start moving dirt, but that process of moving dirt also creates a blank canvas for the architect. The above photo is the flattening of what used to be the 18th green.

President and Chief Design Officer of Robert Trent Jones II Bruce Charlton spoke about that process.

“It changes as you see things in the field,” he said. “All the time, you’re thinking about how the player’s going to play it, how the ball’s going to react when it hits the ground, how the ball’s going to react when it’s in the air. And then you weigh the technical side like drainage and irrigation and amount of irrigated turf and shade of the trees. And then you’ve got to think about how much it’s costing. There’s all these factors weighing on you when you make certain decisions. And then you’ve got rating of the golf course to think about.”

Even an elaborate and well-thought out drawing like this green plan below is subject to change once the architect sees it in person.

7holesGolf course design is at least as much art as it is science.


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