Course Renovation in Progress


A Flyover of the 18th Hole (12-20-13)

The Inspiration Behind No Rough at Poppy Hills (11-21-13)

Bruce Charlton and the ‘Fun Factor’ at Poppy Hills (10-31-13)

Finalizing No 14, Plus Pretty Before/Afters (9-25-13)

How the Greens Will Break at Poppy Hills (9-20-13)

The Grand Entrance at Poppy Hills (9-13-13)

Putting on the 7th Green (9-5-13)

A Greener and More Defined Poppy Hills (8-28-13)

From Assistant Pros to Frontier Construction Workers (8-19-13)

Bruce Charlton Describes the Flow of Poppy Hills (8-05-13)

Hydro Seeding at Poppy Hills (7-30-13)

The Big Finish – Nos. 15-18 (7-24-13)

The Evolution of the 14th Hole (7-16-13)

RTJ Walks Through the New 11th Hole (7-11-13)

The New and Different Green on No. 10 (7-02-13)

Robert Trent Jones Jr. Explains the Back Nine (6-26-13)

Bruce Charlton Explains How Sand Capping Will Improve Poppy Hills (6-20-13)

Bruce Charlton Explains the Eighth Hole (6-12-13)

The New Sixth Hole with Superintendent Manny Sousa (5-31-13)

NCGA CEO Lyn Nelson on the Renovation (5-23-13)

The New, Lake-less Fifth Hole (5-17-13)

The Process of Building a Bunker (5-6-13)

A Walkthrough of the 10th, 11th and 12th Holes (4-24-13)

The Process of Shaping a Green (4-19-13)

A Walkthrough of the First, Third and Fifth Holes (4-12-13)

A Walkthrough of the New Fourth Hole (4-9-13)

RTJ Visits One Month Later (4-5-13)

An Extended Interview with Robert Trent Jones Jr. (3-18-13)

Architect Robert Trent Jones Jr. Hits the Final Shot Before the Renovation Begins (3-15-13)

Interview with Bruce Charlton and Mike Gorman (11-30-12)

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